Monday, 18 August 2008

Off to a slow start

So the blogging hasn't happened as regularly as I'd hoped it would. Time is not my friend.

But let me tell you about the kids. They take up most of my time, so it's natural they should have even more of it here.

Little Man, he's 7. He's the one that coined the phrase that is this blog's title. He's a brilliant thinker, and to quote his Grade Two teacher, he "could talk under wet cement". Not exactly what you want to hear from your kid's schoolteacher. He's gorgeous, he's loud, he's annoying, he's sweet, he's compassionate, he's strong, he's serious. He came into this world quite literally with his eyes open, and he knows where he's going. I just wish he'd tell me sometime!

Then there's our precious Princess. Beautiful. Funny. Wickedly hilarious actually. Eloquent. Poetic. Patient. So patient. Sulky too, sometimes. I could write about her for days on end, and probably will, but in a nutshell... 4 years ago, Princess was born 12 weeks before she was due. She was born so early probably because I had an undetected Group B Strep infection in utero, and things were getting ugly for her. As a result, Princess has a brain injury resulting in Cerebral Palsy. For her, this manifests as a physical disability - severe quadriplegia - she has very little controlled movement and relies on another person to help her with every aspect of daily life. For us, we are so very very lucky to have her. Like all our children, she is a blessing in so many ways.

Finally there's Chuckles. He's the comic relief. Really. We didn't know we were ever going to have Chuckles until suddenly he was just here and making his presence felt. He'll be turning 2 soon, and he is without a doubt the cutesiest kid we have. Loud, belligerent, tender, chubby, insistent. Cute, and very funny.

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