Saturday, 26 July 2008



My first own blog post.

I've been thinking about this for a long time. Not what I'm going to post about, but just the idea of having my own blog. It's been a long time coming. I have a lot to say after all, or should I say, a lot to share.

I think I need to blog because so much happens in my head on a day to day basis, and I need to get all those thoughts out of there. My head, that is. So what better than to tell the whole entire world (well, the blogosphere at least) the piffling goings on in my life... read on at your peril (of being mind-numbingly bored)...

Let me begin by telling you a bit about me.

I'm a mother of three incredible and wonderful-most-of-the-time children. Unlike me, they are very young - 7yrs, 4yrs and 21mths. And my beautiful step-daughter who has recently celebrated her 20th birthday. My darling children ensure that my head spins from way too much stimuli, from the moment they rise to the moment they sleep. They're very thoughtful in that way.

I have a lovely and doting, and sometimes slightly neurotic, husband (sorry Darling, but I know you won't disagree). Being married to a neat-freak definitely has it's good points.

Apart from raising a family, I have a quite interesting job in a field I enjoy, but I feel I'm getting way too old for it, and don't really have any training to do anything else (this has been bugging me quite a bit lately). Hmm.

I sing. Once upon a time, BC (Before Children of course), I could say I had a teeny-tiny career as a performer, actually making money out of singing professionally. Ah, they were heady days...

Oh and of course there's a cat. Tilly. She's the longest-lasting one we've had, over 11 years old now. That's incredibly good going for a cat belonging to me. She used to get a hell of a lot more of my attention in the old days.


Of course.

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