Tuesday, 1 December 2009

What comes with mobility...

We recently had a trial of a power-wheelchair for Princess. Her last trial was eleven months ago. Sigh. These things move slowly (the trialling, not the chairs!).

In that eleven months, however, Princess' confidence has grown enormously, something I think we can largely thank her fabulous year at school for. This time, driving the power-wheelchair she was suddenly braver, more daring and more able. It was awesome to watch. The smile couldn't be wiped off her face (well, except for the one time she crashed hard into the wall, but that's another story). (She's fine now).

One other thing we learned is that Princess isn't always going to be the polite, demure little girl she usually presents as. We had her practising her skills in the power-chair in some open space near our house. We happened upon one of her teachers, who eagerly watched Princess independently maneuvering herself all over the place.

As Teacher and I were chatting, Princess hurtled towards us, stopping perfectly in time as we lavished praise upon her. Then, just as Teacher bent down to her to continue lavishing praise, Princess looked at us cheekily and started doing tight donuts in front of us. Round and round she went, with me requesting that she stop and make eye contact while Teacher was speaking to her...but no. Round and round, giggling as she went.

Hurrah - she's obnoxious too! Go Princess!