Saturday, 18 October 2008

A fresh approach

Okay, here it is. I'm making a commitment right here, right now, to TRY and post at least once a week from this point on. Even if I've got nothing terribly interesting to say. So there. It's all about keeping things fresh. Keeping the blog alive. I don't want it to die before it's even begun!


So, at the moment we are having our bathroom demolished and re-built. We have to make our home more accessible for our Princess, so starting with the bathroom seemed like a good idea. It's going to make washing, toileting, toothbrushing etc so much easier for her and certainly less back breaking for us. We can't wait!

Now, the people I know who have had their bathrooms renovated in the past have all said it took a week to ten days to have it done. But that sounds waaaay too quick and easy for us. Only ten days? Yeah, sure! No, our builder has assured us that we can expect to not have a usable bathroom (the only one in our house, mind) for a good three to four weeks. Let's make that five weeks to be safe. I don't know about you, kids, but I'm going to Grandma's for a little while...

The port-a-loo was delivered last week. It was plonked squarely in the most public part of our already very-open-to-the-street front yard. Our neighbors have been laughing at it ever since. Even people I barely know have been stopping me at the local supermarket or at Little Man's school saying they've noticed the port-a-loo in our front yard (how do all these people know where we live?) - are we having renos done?, then given me a grave and sympathetic nod or squeeze of the arm.

Should I be that worried?

Everything seems to have gone pretty much as expected so far, bearing in mind that my Darling Husband expects things to go wrong just about all the time. But to be fair, we seem to have a good team of builders on board, and they are doing their best even though communications have been going awry. But that will improve, I just know it.

My favourite bathroom building moment so far has to be meeting David the Chippie. David the Chippie reminds me strongly of the character Guy Pearce played in the hit Aussie movie"Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". Very strongly, if you get my drift. Except that he wears oversized 'VB' t-shirts, stubbies and Blundstone boots. He is so on top of everything that is happening with our bathroom, he keeps the lines of communication open beautifully. Even to the point of phoning me on Day Two of construction to let me know that they were about to turn the water off, but he'd noticed that I had a bucket of clothes soaking in the laundry and he didn't want me to forget about them, because they would get very stinky. ...I ask you, how many carpenters do you know that would even notice such a thing?

Bless David the Chippie. He's looking after us.

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