Sunday, 1 November 2009


I spend a lot of my thinking time thinking about the futures of our three kids, and particularly wondering what Princess' future holds. Sometimes I just can't even picture what her life will be. I reason that as an able-bodied person, how CAN I imagine her life as an adult with a severe physical impairment? Truth is, I can't. The not-knowing terrifies me. Of course I can dream, and I do dream BIG, but I just don't know...

So you can imagine the inspiration I feel when I read about people who not only dream big, but actually achieve great feats, seemingly against the odds.

People like Hilary Lister, a woman with severe quadriplegia who has sailed solo around Britain using a 'sip and puff' system to control her sails and steering. Here's the video of how she does it.

I hope one day Princess can feel that sense of flying and freedom that spurs Hilary on. That she will have the drive and 'never say die' attitude she will need to achieve her great things.

Meanwhile, I'd love to know - who inspires you?

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Ellen said...

Hi! Thanks for coming to visit my blog, glad to meet you and your three superadorable children! Hilary Lister is amazing. I can't quite think of anyone well known who inspires me in relation to Max, so I'll just say that Max himself inspires me every single day--he just keeps making progress and to me, that is miraculous.