Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Riding the TWAAAIIIN!

In honour of Chuckles' up-coming 3rd birthday, we recently went on a little day trip to a small gauge Steam Railway. I think I've mentioned his love of trains in the past. Anyhoo, we all enjoyed this outing very much. I've never seen a wider smile on the kid.

Once at our tea-room-and-gardens destination (before the return trip) the train theme continued, with Princess' wheelchair being transformed into the P.P.No.6 - Pink Princess No.6 Engine, o'course. Little Man driving, with Princess and Chuckles shovelling and stoking, as you do.

Anticipating the 'toot'.

The Station Master and Drivers gave us some old railway magazines to fuel Chuckle's obsession. He LOVES them. Thanks to all at the Durundur Railway, Woodford - a thumbs up from all of us!