Monday, 26 January 2009

Looking Up

I can hardly believe the school year is beginning again...we seem to have had a very busy time of it lately - birthday parties, roller-skating, playdates, movies, shopping for school supplies, a beach holiday, the list goes on. I'm exhausted.

And now I have not only my big Little Man going back to school, but our Princess begins Prep tomorrow too. She's very excited, though she admitted to me tonight that she was feeling "a little bit nervous about it". We're all prepared, her new teacher and teacher's aides are prepared, after two years of kindy I think Princess really is quite prepared. And yet I still have no idea what to expect. Lucky for me though, I know Princess will work it out.

...Stay tuned...

One of the best things that happened during the holidays - Princess finally got her first ever manual wheelchair, and of course, it's pink!

Until recently, Princess has been getting around in a supportive stroller, and while it's been very useful, there was no way she was going to go to big school in a stroller! That's for babies! So after several months of measurements, waiting for funding applications to process and of course the wheelchair to be custom made, we finally have it, just in time for the start of school.

I wondered if I might feel sad about the finality of Princess having a wheelchair - the fact is that she is unlikely to ever be able to walk, though we could kind of pretend when she was only in a stroller like so many other very young children...

But nope, I am actually excited about the wheelchair. A wheelchair means an instant explanation - yes, my daughter is special, yes, she uses a wheelchair, end of story. No need for sidelong glances from strangers wondering why does that child still use a stroller at her age?

She looks great in it too, don't you think? (The pics were taken when we were flying kites on our beach holiday on Queensland's Sunshine Coast).

And the company that made the wheelchair have only just introduced pink as a frame colour, and Princess has the first one out of the factory (they've got orders for at least 12 more so far). We've been told they've officially named the colour after her. How cool is that!


Gina said...

A beauty of a chair Miss P. How cool to have a the colour named after you... very famous.

susan j said...

Liz I didn't even know you blogged!! Poppy looks gorgeous. Geez the kids have grown since we saw them. Are you still doing ABR? Any time you want to know about the surgery feel free to ring me if you still have my number. Ash is going great guns.

Jacqui said...

Okay, so I'm waiting patiently to hear about school.

Princess looks gorgeous and I can't believe how big your two boys have gotten. Wow.