Monday, 25 May 2009

The I've Been Corrected Blues

Driving with the whole family in the car, listening to Jazztrack, a favourite program of ours on ABC FM radio. A bluesy number came on and I decided to take the opportunity to educate the kids as to the sound and form of The Blues. Chuckles, the two year old, interrupted me.

"No Mum" he said, removing his dummy from his mouth and adopting a posture of authority. "Dis NOT boooos. Dis JAZZ."

And with more coolness than Miles Davis himself, Chuckles popped his dummy back in his mouth and continued staring out the window as if he hadn't spoken at all.

I wish I had even a little of that confidence.

EDITED TO ADD: This morning Darling Husband remarked upon some clever little thing Chuckles had done. "You're a cool dude!" he said. Chuckles hit back with "No, I'm AWESOME!".



He is pretty awesome though : )


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

A family with 3 kids, including one who has a disability, spending time in the car?? How unusual!?! ;-)

Gorgeous story. And well described - I can just picture it. So kind of him to take time out of his quiet contemplation to educate his mum!

He sure is awesome!

what_the_heck_of_that? said...

Hi Susan

Thanks for your lovely comment!

I hope you are all going well, and wish you as few family car trips as necessary!