Friday, 5 December 2008

All time favourite

While I'm on the subject of cute things my kids have said (I promise this will be the last one for a while), I may as well tell you my all time favourite, to date...

It was the day after I had given birth to wee Chuckles, and the whole newly expanded family was quite ceremoniously, if somewhat chaotically, leaving the hospital. The large glass doors at the front of the main building glided open for us to make our exit into a glorious blue sky day.

Little Man, then aged 5, enthusiastically grabbed at my arm, rendering Chuckles at more or less his eye level, and with a flourish of his arm and all the worldly experience a five year old can muster exclaimed "Look Chuckles! This is the world!"

I still tear up at it, even now.

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Gina Wilson-Burns said...

Oh, i don't know. Personally I could read about the cute things kids do and say all day, every day.

We have been having fun at orientation for Mac with some cool comments to enjoy.
You can find us at

btw Baby Cheesus is standard fare in our house - 'bout as holy as we get LOL.

Great blogging, am enjoying reading & yay on the superb hospital stay.